Why do we need photos

and images for your website

Here are some reasons why we need images for your website.

1️⃣ As part of the design of your website

A website without any images is boring. Rather than reading a lot of words, which takes time and effort, we scan an image quickly. Images are particularly captivating because they can stimulate emotions and imagination.

2️⃣ To tell your story

Images are useful to describe the kind of business you have. When it comes to transmitting information to your website visitor, images are faster than text. Images can serve to illustrate not only how your products and services work, but also your business's personality.

3️⃣ To give information about your product/service

Images are a good way to show your products and services. It attracts customers more than text. When a customer browses a website, they make a quick judgment based on the images of your products and services.

graphic component
How to

collect photos and images

Use your own images whenever possible

It is important to note that you should be using your own images. This is a good way to market your business, and your products and services. Taking your own images is now easier than ever before, and it is also the safest option. You may snap images with a camera or even your phone. As the owner, you own the copyright to these images. Keep in mind that the most effective and eye-catching images have the following characteristics:

  • When it concerns a product or a staff picture: it is shown against a plain background.

  • The product is up close and taking up most of the image (not too much empty space). Don’t worry when they do have too much empty space; our platform includes tools that can crop image to the right sizes

  • When it concerns images being used for the design: they should be very clear and of high quality. Images should be png or jpeg, the platform will automatically convert it into a format suitable for the web.

Customers can build an informed view about the worth of your website based on high-quality images. As a result, it is virtually self-evident that the higher the quality of the images on your website, the better the user experience.

Royalty free sources

Where to find royalty free images

We highly suggest using your own images rather than googled ones. It's possible that you're infringing on other people's copyright if you use their images or photos. You could face legal action if you use their images without their permission. If you have trouble getting images for your website, then try to get royalty free images. The term "royalty free" refers to certain categories of intellectual property that are authorized to be used without paying royalties. You may try the following websites to get royalty free images:

  • https://unsplash.com- unsplash has a huge collection of royalty free images. It allows you to download images of different orientations and sizes.

  • https://pixabay.com - its content includes images, videos, and music. It can be used or free for commercial and non commercial use. Also, giving credits to the owner is not necessary.

  • https://www.pexels.com - It is a handpicked library of over 500k royalty-free stock images. Pexels' images are of exceptional quality and go beyond cold, impersonal images available on other free stock image websites.