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We are, a new solution for small companies in the Philippines to have their own website + booking engine. We have an all-in formula not only offering a technical solution but also supporting our clients to make the most out of their site. We operate on a subscription basis with 3 month terms so no long contracts and we have no hidden costs. Our plans start at ₱ 999,- p/, with gold, our preferred option at ₱ 1499 p/m

Currently we are on the lookout for resellers who want to grow with us. Do you have extra sales capacity and/or a good local network? Become our reseller and earn a nice extra all while helping small business owners with a 21st century solution.

Get a slice of the pie. Join the Reseller Program today! Sell plans and earn up to 40% commission!

What we offer is the following:

  • 25% of the paid & non refundable invoice value on a monthly basis for the first customer resold by you

  • 30% on the second, 35% on the third and 40% on the fourth and up

  • We offer this cumulatively for the first year of membership of the customer, so on renewals you will get the same share

  • Calculation example (all gold); first month sell 3, 2nd month sell 5, third month sell 3, 4th month sell 2, 5th month sell 3

Revenue after 1st month: 4050, 2nd month 7650, 3rd month 2475, 4th month 4050 + 4050 and after the 5th month 4050 + 7650. As you can see this will add up quickly

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Do you have a good local network and the (extra) capacity to convince small businesses to outgrow being on Facebook only? Please get in touch via email or phone and become our reseller. We have an information pack available and can set up a training day for you or your staff on our product. You can reach us on or by phone 0969 132 3004 or fill in the form.